• 5/15/2018

    Relationships Make the Difference in Economic Development

    Traveling back to Fairview recently from the 2018 Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR) Spring World Conference, I spent some time reflecting on the value of this event as well as others that I attend throughout the year — the value not just to myself, but to the community I’m representing and to the corporate real estate brokers and the site selectors who are searching for the ideal location for their clients.

    IIMG_1726 attended this particular conference as part of Team Texas, a nonprofit marketing association that serves as an outreach program of the Texas Economic Development Council. This allowed me the opportunity to help work the Team Texas exhibitor booth in addition to participating in enlightening breakout sessions and attending networking events.

    As I greeted familiar faces and introduced myself to new ones, it occurred to me how important it is to not just make an appearance at these events, but to immerse myself in them, and to keep coming back each time they are offered (schedule permitting, of course). Why the repetition? Because the business of economic development isn’t just about real estate, infrastructure and the local labor market. It’s also about relationships.
    Bringing Fairview, Texas to You
    I go to your events to get to know you in your space, develop a relationship with you and build trust. I don’t expect to attend an event once and go home with a new project. This requires repetition, and I am fortunate to work for an insightful board that understands and supports effective relationship building.
    After years of repeat attendance at professional events for site selectors and corporate real estate brokers, I have built relationships with people who now know not only me, but they also know about Fairview, Texas. And I know them and their stories, too. Perhaps we will work together, or maybe one of us knows someone who can help the other. It all comes back to relationships, and staying on each other’s radar is the key.
    Upcoming Economic Development Events
    If I haven’t met you yet, there are more opportunities on my event calendar. This month I will be attending ECONOMIX and ICSC’s RECon The Global Retail Real Estate Convention. In June I’ll be at SelectUSA. Let’s meet up and get to know each other. Because that’s how we do things in Fairview, Texas — “Where Community Meets Opportunity.”
    —Ray Dunlap, Fairview Economic Development Corporation Manager
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