• 8/27/2019

    How a Fairview, Texas Location Allows You to Give Your Employees the Most Valuable Gift of All

    During a recent recruiting mission with our state marketing partner, Team Texas, we had the opportunity to visit with nearly a dozen companies that had expressed interest in relocating or expanding their California businesses to Texas. This was an ideal way for us to gain a better understanding of our target customer, and it was gratifying to confirm that Fairview, Texas has exactly what many smaller, growing companies today are seeking: the winning combination of desirable location, nearby talent and affordable office space.
    The Critical Location Decision
    For instance, one of the fast-growing companies we met with told us that their current priority is being able to attract top talent. Their Los Angeles headquarters, while attractive, is located an hour or more away from many of their employees’ homes, limiting the company’s ability to build and maintain the workforce they need. They are considering a move to Texas for its lower cost of living and doing business, so their next question was, “Do we locate downtown in an urban environment where we can initially attract young talent, or do we locate in a suburban area where we can cultivate a quality workforce just a short drive from where those employees are likely to want to live and raise their families in just a few years?”
    Clearly, talent attraction is the focus for many growing companies, and the location decision is less about the space itself and more about how to leverage that space to attract the talent needed to grow.
    The Time and Talent Connection
    Most of us would agree that our most valuable resource is our time. So if you aim to win the war for talent, the best gift you can give your employees is a workplace location that provides that coveted extra hour or two each weekday for their personal lives — coaching youth sports, helping backstage at the youth theater, enjoying dinner out, helping with homework, or just hanging out at home together.
    Fairview’s location makes the gift of time an easy one to give. The Fairview Commercial Planned Development District is situated near one of the most vital major intersections in thriving Collin County: U.S. 75 (North Central Expressway) and State Highway 121 (Sam Rayburn Tollway), offering efficient access to downtown Dallas, DFW International Airport, Love Field and McKinney National Airport.
    This outstanding location within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex gives Fairview twice the national average of available IT talent within a 30-minute drive time for an area of our size, to cite just one example.

    An average area of this size would have a supply of 10,663 IT employees, while there are 20,269 within a 30-minute drive of Fairview.

    With housing options at a wide range of price points located in or within minutes of Fairview, combined with the highly sought-after cost of living and quality of life found here, employers who make this move find that they receive as much as — or more than — they give in this equation. It’s no secret that happier, less stressed employees create stronger, more successful companies. (Can you say “retention”?)
    Surprisingly Affordable Space
    You might think that office space with such a prime location and workforce access must come at a steep cost. Think again! In Fairview, you’re actually looking at a $20-25 swing — in your favor — in your lease rate! Part of our economic development goal is attracting smaller, fast-growing companies that are not in the market for the $50/square-foot rate that many downtown locations and large mixed-use developments command.
    In Fairview Town Center, you can pay half that and offer your employees a convenient location with free parking, great restaurants and major department stores a few steps away. We currently have a number of Town Center spaces in the 3,000- to 5,000-square-foot range and a larger 30,000-square-foot space, as well as nearby sites for ground-up development.
    If access to one of the nation’s top talent pools in a location that allows you to give your employees the gift of more personal time in their day makes sense for your business, there’s only one thing to do: Contact me today!
    Dave Quinn, Fairview Economic Development
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