• 2/21/2019

    “Surban” Development: The Latest Commercial Development Trend

    The redefined live/work/play center combines urban and suburban advantages
    What do you get when you mix urban coolness with suburban practicality? Think high-end office sites, diverse retail, great restaurants and pleasant walkability combined with desirable housing options, reasonably priced real estate, ample and convenient parking, outstanding schools, safety and growth potential.
    Real estate consultant and author John Burns (Big Shifts Ahead) is credited with coining the term “surban” to illustrate this commercial development trend that brings together the best of both worlds to create the redefined live/work/play environment of the future. Fairview is among those communities that thought ahead and is prepared to deliver the sought-after “surban” setting.
    Fairview Commercial Planned Development District code updates
    In 2014, we updated our Commercial Planned Development District (PDD) code to address the future workforce by bringing urban features to the suburbs. Our plan incorporates urban amenities like a walkable commercial district, top retailers and popular restaurants with the good schools, lower real estate costs and other advantages typically associated with a suburban environment. It’s a setting that offers both employers and employees what they value most.
    Our PDD plan reflects timeless principles and standards aimed at creating comfortable and attractive places for people to meet, live, conduct business and enjoy recreation. Existing neighborhoods and development are complemented by new residential uses that provide a mix designed to appeal to the urban market. And Fairview’s PDD design makes it transit-ready for when rapid transit extends to this corridor.
    Fairview Town Center, which opened in 2010 as The Village at Fairview, is a mixed-use development featuring retail, restaurants, entertainment venues, hotels, on-site residential units, walking trails and a fun splash park. New owner Lincoln Property Company recently invested $50 million in redevelopment and rebranding of this wonderful 200-acre center, opening up sight lines and adding a central greenspace for activities, performances and gatherings. These efforts are generating new tenant interest and leasing activity, with several recent additions to the lineup and more in the pipeline.
    Quality of life matters to millennials, too
    For some time, we have seen companies investing significant resources to move their operations to trendy urban areas in an effort to appeal to a younger, hipper workforce. But what happens when millennials mature into young families seeking more spacious and realistically priced homes, better schools and lower crime rates than city life can offer them? Are they going to want to move their families out to the suburbs but commute every day to their jobs in the city? Not likely.
    Today’s employees — including those in the early stages of their careers — are placing a higher priority on quality of life, which is difficult to achieve when they are forced to spend valuable hours commuting between the community where they choose to live and their urban job location. Most of us reach a time in our lives when we would like to spend less time driving to and from our workplace. We want to park near our office entrance and in our own garage when we get home.
    Housing options in Fairview range from Fairview Town Center’s urban-style residential-over-retail living, to a luxury senior living complex, to spacious single-family homes on sites of an acre or more near some of the best schools in the nation.
    You can have it all in Fairview, Texas
    Companies that expand their vision to include both the current demands and the future expectations of their workforce will find that they really can have it all in a “surban” locale like Fairview.
    Read more about our Commercial Planned Development District here, including our adopted code documents. And if you have any questions or want to know more, we’re just a phone call (972-886-4222) or an email ( away.

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